THE WHO – February 12, 2020

Kingston in London, England


     video by Jeff Galasso


     This is The Who (well, with the only 2 members that are still alive Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend  playing a gig 56 years after the original 4 finally got together in 1964.  Yes, 56 years later they are playing about 8 miles from where they formed the original Who.

     As the story goes, Roger Daltrey started a band in 1959 called the Detours that would eventually become The Who.  The first member to be added would be John Entwistle . . . Roger Daltrey spotted him walking down the street carrying a bass . . . yup, apparently that’s how you find one of the best rock bassists in the world.  John Entwistle then suggested Pete Townshend as guitarists . . . 😃, of course he knows Pete, one of the most unique rock guitarist.  With a couple other dudes, this was the Detours. They played some gigs, changed a few members, and after discovering that there was another band with the word “Detours” in their name . . . they spent the night suggesting names, making jokes, and the next day Roger Daltrey picked The Who.

     The final member to be added was Keith Moon.  One night in April 1964, The Who was playing a gig with a fill-in drummer, and Roger Daltrey met Keith Moon.  They invited him to play drums on a few songs . . .  Keith Moon broke a drum pedal and tore a drum skin 😍, the band was so impressed, they asked him to join and the rest is Rock -n- Roll history !

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