SURFBORT – December 20, 2019

Brooklyn, New York


     video by Dean Keim


     Dani Miller is the lead singer of Surfbort, a punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York.  Surfbort was formed when a friend of Dani’s needed a band to fill a slot. So Dani got a band together, Surfbort born.  The new punk queen of NYC.

     Recalling that first show, Dani says . . . “It was my 21st birthday, I’d just got sober, so I drank a Red Bull. One of the songs had a Patti Smith-style rant. I started it halfway through and thought, ‘This is the craziest feeling I’ve ever felt in my whole life. This is insane. I’m going to die.’ I basically had a panic attack-slash-psychedelic freakout. After the show, I was like, ‘Wow. I wanna do that every day of my life.’ There was no going back.”

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